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Aris Mascots also supply you with props, stage setup and costumes.

Infuse your mascot character with a pop of personality by adding custom costume props and portable backdrops. Whether your rascally rabbit needs a giant foam carrot, you need an extra-large wand for your wicked wizard, or your burly buccaneer mascot requires his very own pirate sword, you can count on Aris Mascots for high quality costume props and personalized customer care.


Providing your mascot with a prop is an excellent way to instantly increase audience engagement. It enhances the performance, draws the eye and can be used to reflect different moods and seasons.


Set the stage for your next children’s stage show or other production with backdrops that draw the audience into your character’s world. At Aris Mascots we can provide you with engaging, well-made backdrops to suit your character, audience and the location of your performance.


Stage Costumes

At Aris Mascots, we aren’t just prop makers –we’re mascot specialists. We provide a comprehensive selection of mascot design services to clients throughout our domestic market and around the world. Our props and costumes are meticulously created from the highest quality materials to ensure that they look great and are able to withstand years of wear and tear.

We work hand in hand with our clients to create props and costumes that are perfectly in line with both their vision for the character and their marketing goals. When designing custom costume props, we consider the character’s personality, the client needs, and the audience.

If you’re interested in purchasing or learning more about custom costume props from Aris Mascots, or if you’re looking for mascot character design, please contact Hogtown Mascots at 86 189-1197-9673 today.

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